Auditions for General Barrett’s Last Battle

This locally written original play tells the life story of General Barrett, local historical figure, largely drawn from actual records, letters with his wife, pictures, and other historical data. Meet the fascinating man who hosted the original Old Settlers’ Reunion, surveyed much of our area, led the last battle of the Civil War, and contributed much to our local history and culture. The story is told through multiple scenes and flashbacks as the General reflects on his life and relationships through shared memories which are reenacted on stage with live historically accurate music and settings.

Cast Announcement

After two excellent audition sessions, the following main character assignments have been awarded:

  • General Barrett – Matt Zaske
  • Georgia Barrett – Sarah Eckel
  • Young Theodore Barrett – Steven Collazos
  • Young Georgia – Grace Hiltner
  • Ignatius Donnelly – Randy King
  • Astrid (and other roles) – Michelle Nessman
  • Fritz – Lucas Danielson
  • Georgianna Barrett – Kirstin Zaske
  • Mrs. Niemackl (and other roles) – Kayleigh Odegaard

An organizational practice will be held at Roosevelt Hall Tuesday, May 16, at 7:00. Bring your calendar list of potential personal conflicts, so that we can set up a practice schedule that benefits everyone. Minor Roles will be announced in the near future (though there are some small roles still available.). If you are interested in joining this excellent group or know someone who is, please email Dan
Olson at

Named Minor Characters and Other Extra Roles TBD:
  • Branson (Army officer, serves with Barrett)
  • Dr. Olson (Local doctor)
  • Dr. Andersson (Surgeon)
  • Bob (Barrett & Georgia’s son)
  • Dickie (Barrett & Georgia’s son)
  • Hans (Hired hand)
Neighborhood and/or visiting Couples and Other Extra Roles TBD:
  • Mr. & Mrs. Swarthout
  • Mr. & Mrs. Niemackl
  • Mr. & Mrs. Wells
  • Mr. & Mrs. Hodgson
  • Male 1, Mr. Anderson – Bartender – Farm Hand One – Offstage M.Voice 1
  • Male 2, Mr. Willd – Male Extra 1 – Farm Hand Two – Offstage M.Voice 2
  • Male 3, Mr. Jones – Male Extra 2 – Farm Hand Three – Offstage M.Voice 3
  • Male 4, Tramp – Male Extra 3 – Farm Hand Four – Corporal
  • Woman 1
  • Woman 2
  • Woman 3
  • Young Woman
  • Young Man
  • Old Man

Contact and Other Information

For additional information, call Dan Olson (Director) at (320) 304-0017 or email

Download the Audition Form and Preparation Materials »

Show dates are June 22-25, 2023.  Darla Johnson ( & Karen Ellis ( are co-producers and you can email either or call 218-731-9227 for more information about auditions.